Offshore energy

Supplying parts for the offshore installation of pipelines since the 1980’s, LUC can be considered as one of the pioneers in developing special PU grades for rollers and tensioner pads used in all kind of pipe handling and laying equipment. Nowadays the activities of LUC for the offshore energy sector cover much more than just pipe laying for the oil & gas industry. Newer areas where LUC’s PU grades are successfully used are in umbilical and cable manufacture and in the installation of offshore wind turbines.

There are many applications for polyurethane and rubber parts in the energy industry, for oil & gas as well as wind, both offshore and onshore.The main areas for the products of LUC are:

  • Handling and laying equipment for rigid pipe, flexibles and cable
  • This includes rollers for stingers, pipe conveyors and spooling equipment and friction pads and spring blocks for tensioners and clamping devices.
  • Pipe coating equipment
  • Umbilical and flexible manufacturing sites
  • Spool and bundle bases
  • Pipe inspection and maintenance
  • Monopile grippers
  • This includes rollers both for gripping as well as suspensions systems.
  • Monopile fabrication and transport
  • This includes rollers for weld manipulators and high friction pads for seafastening equipment.
  • Offshore access / gangways

LUC can offer a broad range of high-performance materials for these applications, where each individual material will have a special set of properties making it the optimum solution for it’s intended use.

For high (dynamic) loads

  • High load bearing capacity
  • Low heat buildup due to high rotational speeds
  • Very low rolling resistance
  • Low wear and long-term fatigue
  • Excellent resistance against (sub)marine environment

For high friction:

  • High friction, optimized for specific applications (various pipe coatings, contact pressures)
  • Optimized compressive behavior

For high temperatures and harsh (chemical) environment:

  • Temperature resistance up to 180°C/356°F
  • Resistance to alkaline and acidic conditions, including concentrated acids and lye’s at high temperatures
  • Resistance to organic solvents and mineral oils

Commonly used materials are:

LUCPREEN-DT 95°A and 60-75°D
LUCANYL 90-95°A and 55°D
LUCANYL-HT 70-95°A and 60°D

In order to determine which material is the best suitable or to qualify a selected material for an application, LUC has in-house test facilities available, including friction test equipment.

For more technical details about the materials LUC offers for tensioner pads you can visit the Technical Details page. This page is available for registered users only. If you are not a registered user yet you can register here.

LUC can offer the supply of PU mouldings and covering of your roller body or metal base plate with an appropriate PU grade. Furthermore, LUC can supply a complete assembly, including roller body or base plate, with full material certification and inspection reports.


LUC is a member of IRO, The Association of Dutch Suppliers in the Oil and Gas Industry and Offshore Renewable Industry.


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