LUCTHAAN is a polyurethane system developed by LUC, and is available in hardnesses from 40 to 95 Shore A. Due to its variety of specific properties it very often provides an interesting alternative to established conventional polyurethane and rubber products. A number of different grades are available and therefore LUCTHAAN is suitable for a variety of applications.

Next to good wear properties, partly excellent hydrolytic stability and good resistance towards mineral oils and greases, LUCTHAAN demonstrates very good compression set, good temperature resistance and high friction properties.

Available Types: 

LUCTHAAN is available in a number of grades, each individually designed for a specific area of use.

LUCTHAAN-CS in 50 – 80 Shore A
very low compression set

LUCTHAAN-HB in 60 – 95 Shore A
good resistance towards acids and lye, resistant against temperatures of up to 120°C

LUCTHAAN-PP in 60 – 95 Shore A
very good wear resistance

Furthermore, various special versions and modifications are possible.

LUCTHAAN AS in 60 – 80 Shore A

LUCTHAAN EG in 60 – 80 Shore A
electrical conductive

LUCTHAAN NK in 60 – 90 Shore A
anti-adhesive (non-sticking)

LUCTHAAN FDA in 60 – 90 Shore A
permitted for food processing

LUCTHAAN CR in 70 – 80 Shore A
enhanced permanent roughness


Bakery rolls
Band saw wheels
Braking rollers
Bridle rollers
Coating rollers
Concrete spray rollers
Contact rolls
Conveyor rollers
Drive rollers/drums
Feeding rings
Flour deposit rolls
Glue rollers
Gripper fingers
Hydro cyclones
Idler rollers/drums
Laminating rollers
Moulded parts
No crush rollers
Pinch rollers
Pressure rollers
Pull rollers
Rollers for baggage handling systems
Rollers for sorting equipment
Sorter wheels
Squeeze rollers
Stoneware cases / Brick moulds
Support rollers
Wringer rollers