Capacities & Services

For LUC the quality of the products and an excellent Customer service are first priority. Therefore a certified quality assurance system according to ISO 9000 is in place and all co-workers follow continuous internal and external training programs.
The customers of LUC can rely on a prompt response Regarding quotations and technical questions, where a team of professionals can offer extensive problem solving assistance.
Customer orders are carried out in a fast and proficient manner and customers are provided with a competitive price and excellent quality. Furthermore LUC provides a friendly and ambitious team and subscribes to responsible care towards people and planet.

The range of capabilities as well as the services offered by LUC is continuously growing and currently includes the following:

  • Covering and recovering of cylinders, rolls and wheels with polyurethane and rubber (maximum dimensions ø2400x10000mm and maximum weight 20 tons).
  • Moulded parts, plates and blanks made of polyurethane and rubber.
  • Rubber sleeves for decoilers and recoilers.
  • Steel cores and shafts including bearings and other parts made of steel, aluminium, glass fibre reinforced plastic and carbon fibre reinforced plastic.
  • Complete assembled steel and aluminium wheels (i.e. including bearings and covering).
  • Service for grinding, balancing and grooving.
  • Mechanical maintenance and repair of steel cores.
  • Project Management.
  • Research & Development services with laboratory and specialised test facilities.
  • Pick-up and Delivery Service.

In order to be as close as possible to the customer LUC operates 5 manufacturing facilities spread over Europe and 1 in North America. The European facilities are located in The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Hungary and UK. The North American facility is located in Texas.