LUCPREEN is a classical polyurethane system, which has established itself as a universally applicable component in many areas of industry.

LUCPREEN is produced in hardnesses ranging from 80 Shore A to 75 Shore D, and has very good mechanical properties and very good resistance towards hydrolytic media and mineral oils and greases. In addition, LUCPREEN provides high dynamic load-bearing capacity, low abrasion and high tensile and tear strength. LUCPREEN materials are easy to machine (turning, drilling, milling, grinding) and can be applied as a 2-layer system, with both layers providing different hardness.

Just like many other polyurethane systems of LUC, LUCPREEN shows very little crack formation when subjected to bending and other dynamic loads, even in multiple cyclic modes. In addition, the material remains flexible at temperatures as low as -40°C and also maintains its characteristics at temperatures of up to 100°C, withstanding great variations in temperature without problems.

As a result of the excellent properties, in a lot of applications LUCPREEN replaced conventional rubber products. It is used for coating rollers, wheels and slitter rings and moulded parts. LUCPREEN is produced as a material for sheets, shells and rods and, additionally, further machined into seals, insulating or wear protection products.

Available Types: 

LUCPREEN is available as a standard classical ADIPRENE grade and in various special grades, each individually optimised for a specific area of use.

LUCPREEN in 80 Shore A - 75 Shore D
standard grade

LUCPREEN-HT in 80 – 95 Shore A
enhanced temperature stability up to 120°C

LUCPREEN-DT in 95 Shore A – 75 Shore D
enhanced dynamic load-bearing capacity

LUCPREEN CR in 80 – 95 Shore A
enhanced permanent roughness

LUCPREEN GV in 80 – 95 Shore A
fiber glass reinforced

LUCPREEN NK in 80 Shore A – 75 Shore D
anti-adhesive (non-sticking)

Band saw wheels
Belt scrapers
Bridle rollers
Calendar rollers
Contact rolls
Conveyor rollers
Cot wheels
Creasing rings
Cutting sleeves
Diabolo rollers
Drive rollers/drums
Guide rollers
Heavy-duty wheels
Hub caps
Idler rollers/drums
Looper car rollers
Moulded parts
Pass-line rollers
Rebound rings
Reel spool rollers
Rollers for washing equipment
Rotation wheels
Slitter rings
Spring blocks
Spring elements
Steering rollers
Stinger rollers
Stoneware cases / Brick moulds
Strand gate rollers
Support rollers
Supporting and guide rollers
Table rollers
Tensioner spring blocks
Tensioner track pads/shoes
Transport rollers
Wear parts
Wear protection