LUCANYL is a high-performance elastomer which was developed by LUC. LUCANYL is produced in hardnesses ranging from 70 Shore A to 60 Shore D and was specially designed for applications at excessive temperatures, reaching 160°C, as well as at high dynamic loads. LUCANYL shows very good mechanical characteristics and a good resistance towards hydrolytic media, mineral oils and greases. Physical properties such as abrasion and tear resistance as well as the dynamic performance of LUCANYL materials, are often better than other conventional polyether and polyester based polyurethane systems, and they are equipped with a considerably higher temperature stability.

Subsequently LUCANYL materials can effectively expand the application areas of polyurethane elastomers, and often they provide an enhanced alternative for the rubber product HNBR and (depending on the area of use), additionally, for silicon elastomers and Teflon.

Available Types: 

LUCANYL is available in various grades, each individually optimised for a specific area of use.

LUCANYL in 80 - 95 Shore A
standard grade with exceptionally good wear resistance

LUCANYL-HT in 70 Shore A – 60 Shore D
especially for applications at high temperatures, up to 160°C continuous

LUCANYL-HB in 70 – 95 Shore A
especially for diluted acids and lye

LUCANYL AS 70 – 87 Shore A

LUCANYL NK 73 – 87 Shore A
anti-adhesive (non-sticking) as a substitute for silicon and Teflon


Belt scrapers
Braking rollers
Bridle rollers
Catch-car wheels
Conveyor rollers
Cot wheels
Cutting rollers
Guide rollers
Guide wheels
High-end seals
Laminating rollers
Load wheels
Moulded parts
Pass-line rollers
Pipe pigs
Roller Coaster wheels
Strand gate rollers
Strand pelletizer rollers
Transport rollers
Wear protection