Plastics & Fiber Glass

LUC is supplying PU covered rollers and PU sleeves to the fiber glass and plastics industry since the 1970’s. The PC/PUR system which is well-known throughout the industry was developed by LUC and is still being manufactured, although the brand name has changed to LUCANYL since.

LUC can provide standard high-performance materials as Adiprene® and Vulkollan®, but also more special grades with possibilities way beyond the standard grades. Characteristics of these special grades can be:

  • high temperature stability
  • low abrasion and high tear strength
  • high load bearing capacity
  • low heat buildup due to high rotational speeds
  • good hot water (and vapour) resistance

Commonly used products for roller and sleeves are:

  • LUCANYL-HT 70 - 95°A
  • LUCANYL 90-95°A
  • LUCOLLAN 50 - 98°A
  • LUCPREEN 85°A - 75°D
  • LUCOCEL 55°A

For a more detailed comparison between LUCANYL-HT and available alternatives you can visit the strand pelletzizer page. This page is available for registered users only. If you are not a registered user yet you can register here.

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