Right from the beginning in 1971 a profound knowledge of polyurethane chemistry and the drive to develop new and better materials has been the heart of the matter and the key for success at LUC. This didn’t change in 45 years, so nowadays Research & Development is still top priority.

For this purpose extensive Research & Development and Laboratory facilities are available, centralised on the locations in The Netherlands and Belgium. 

Activities include, but are not limited to:

  • General research to increase PU knowledge
  • Development of new materials
  • Measurement of material properties
  • Deriving material models
  • Application research for specific customer applications
  • Material qualification tests
  • Failure analysis
  • Evaluation of and search for (new) raw materials
  • Quality control of (raw) materials

The following in-house test equipment is available:

  • Mechanical Property test equipment
      - Hardness (Shore A and D)
      - Hardness (Pusey & Jones)
      - Tensile test
      - Tear Strength
      - Rebound Resilience
      - Abrasion Resistance
      - Compression Set
      - Density
  • Chemical resistance test
  • Lab scale dynamic wheel test
  • Ride Simulator: full scale test for roller coaster wheels
  • Lab scale friction test
  • Full scale Friction Tester for tensioner pads
  • Compression test for tensioner pads

For specific tests which cannot be carried out in-house LUC works with a number of certified partners.