LUCOLLAN is LUC‘s polyurethane system which has become a very important component in applications with extremely high dynamic loads and/or wear. LUCOLLAN is available in hardnesses from 37 to 98 Shore A and is outstanding in abrasion resistance, rebound resilience, wear and tear resistance and low compression set.

Compared to other polyurethane systems, LUCOLLAN materials have a much higher load-bearing capacity and at the same time lower damping properties. This leads to low heat build-up at high loads and high speeds (e.g. roller coaster wheels). Moreover, LUCOLLAN shows good resistance towards water and salt water, mineral oils and greases as well as many other solvents.

Due to these characteristics LUCOLLAN materials are the preferred choice for covering wheels of roller coasters, fork-lift trucks and other much-used transportation systems. In addition, LUCOLLAN is used for coating Seydel rolls, cutting rolls, drive and clutch systems as well as all sorts of moulded items.

Available Types: 

LUCOLLAN is available as a standard grade and as a LUCOLLAN-S grade with enhanced dynamics, lower rolling resistance and improved hydrolytic stability.


LUCOLLAN in 37 - 95 Shore A


LUCOLLAN-S in 80 - 98 Shore A
with enhanced dynamics and hydrolytic stability

Bakery rolls
Catch-car wheels
Coil Support rollers
Driver rollers
Fork-lift wheels
Guide wheels
Heavy-duty wheels
Load wheels
Moulded parts
Pinch rollers
Roller Coaster wheels
Rotation wheels
Seydel rollers
Spring blocks
Spring elements
Stinger rollers
Strand pelletizer rollers
Strip turner wheels
Tensioner spring blocks
Tensioner track pads/shoes
Upstop wheels
Wear parts
Wear protection