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Supplying to the leisure industry since the 1980’s, LUC has extensive experience in manufacturing PU wheel coverings for roller coasters and other amusement rides. Wheels that are used all over the world, under severe conditions: high loads and high speeds.

In order to qualify a selected material for a certain ride or to determine which material is the best suitable LUC has a full scale Ride Simulator available. The full load and speed cycle can be simulated, up to speeds of 320 km/h (200 mph).

LUC can provide standard high-performance materials as Adiprene® and Vulkollan®, but also more special grades with possibilities way beyond the standard grades. Characteristics of these special grades can be:

  • high load bearing capacity
  • low heat buildup due to high speeds
  • very low rolling resistance
  • rolling resistance less temperature dependent
  • improved water resistance
  • low wear
  • high temperature resistance (for high ambient temperatures)
  • high friction (for booster wheels)

Commonly used products for roller coaster wheels are:

  • LUCOLLAN-S 98°A or 55°D
  • LUCANYL 95°A or 55°D
  • LUCTEC 80°A

LUC can offer covering of your wheel hub with an appropriate PU grade or complete refurbishment of an existing wheel. Furthermore, LUC can supply a complete assembly, including aluminium (or steel) hub, bearings and bushes and with full material certification.

Besides wheels a number of other polyurethane parts can be delivered. For example spring blocks, end stops, brake blocks and hub cups. Commonly used materials for these applications are LUCTEC-DT, LUCPREEN-DT and also LUCOLLAN-S.

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  LUC is a member of IAAPA, The International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions. 


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