Total Cost of Ownership

The quality of the products and the excellent customer service from the LUC GROUP of companies, has become synonymous with the reduction of manufacturing equipment TCO at many customers.

Over 350 different polyurethane material grades allow LUC, in cooperation with the customer, to choose the correct material with the best properties for each specific application in many industry segments.

The result is a longer working lifetime of the polyurethane coverings and an additional improvement in the quality of the production process.

[ Longer Working Lifetime ] + [ Longer Intervals Between Maintenance actions * ]  =  Reduction of TCO.

(* including  consumable materials)

If you want to learn more about possible options for your situation you can contact us and make an appointment for a visit of one of our Technical Sales Engineers or Managers. Together with you or your team he will carry out a free analysis of your process and equipment. Based on this analysis LUC will propose improvements for you to reduce your Total Cost of Ownership.