Due to the extensive product range of different materials and hardnesses there is a continuous growth in applications for various industries.


LUC delivers products to the industries mentioned below. Although the majority of LUC’s product portfolio is intended for these industries, the supply of products is not limited to these. Numerous other industries and applications are currently also supplied and LUC continues to expand into new markets. LUC supplies these products to a broad, fast-growing number of customers in the European Union, Switzerland, Norway, USA, Russia, China and other countries.


Industries supplied


Supplying to the leisure industry since the 1980’s, LUC has extensive experience in manufacturing PU wheel coverings


Supplying parts for the offshore installation of pipelines since the 1980’s, LUC can be considered as one of the pion

LUC is supplying PU covered rollers and PU sleeves to the fiber glass and plastics industry since the 1970’s.

There are many applications for polyurethane and rubber parts in the manufacture of steel, aluminium and other non-fe